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H03 deeplab

H03 DeepLab

DeepLab is an underwater research laboratory and training station that follows the caisson principle. The facility enables a three-member crew long-term stay under the water surface for the simulation of space missions. It is mainly a prototype facility for obtaining information for the development and construction of additional specialised facilities.

We are currently building DeepLab at our base at the KovoKlima Gürtler factory in Radotín.

H02 DeepFarm

H02 DeepFarm

A botanical and agricultural habitat under the surface. It is intended mainly for deployment in separated habitats, such as inundated quarries, etc.

The station has several related goals – development of food products and food additives for extreme environments, development of means of cultivation in limited and atypical conditions, facilitation of pharmacological studies and environmental experiments focused on the future of mankind.

H01 DeepHome

H01 DeepHome

A unique experimental facility for scientists and a base for training astronauts. It enables a wide range of research studies and experiments in controlled conditions. The station will be used mainly for medical, biological and psychological research, but it will also enable training of divers and astronauts, and thanks to the self sufficiency of the entire system, it can also be used for simulation of certain space missions and their aspects, mainly including piloted flights to Mars and to the Moon.

It will also serve as a platform for development, testing and iteration of safety and executive processes for piloted space flights and underwater missions.

Mission 1

Mission 1

Mission 1 was inspired by the NASA project known as the Asteroid Redirect Mission, during which the idea arose to capture one of the asteroids moving close to Earth and then send a piloted spaceship to it with astronauts, who would collect samples from the asteroid and take them back to Earth.

M1 will involve a simulated mission to the asteroid, combined with collection of rock samples. During the seven-day mission, the Hydronaut H03 module will go down to a depth of 20 metres, where we will achieve two EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) outputs – inspection of the module and collection of rock samples. The mission will be completed with a "return to Earth", a process involving two-day controlled decompression.

During this first demonstration of the option of using the Hydronaut H03 DeepLab module, various procedures will be tested involving team work, monitoring of the crew's health and handling of emergencies.

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